Chris found his passion for photography with his grandfather’s Nikinos 35mm camera. Taking pictures of his friends surfing and skating slowly grew into more. He began taking photography classes starting with black and white and photojournalism. Enjoying his pursuit, Chris then completed a commercial photography course from 2000 to 2003. Inspired by Nature and the…



Elizabeth has long been interested in the creative arts. Her childhood drawing portfolio is one of her most prized possessions. In 2005, she completed her Digital Design degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Soon after she dove directly into the field and creative opportunities have unfolded throughout her career. She feels truly fortunate to…



Maizy is our aspiring artist and dancer. She always makes sure no one oversleeps and everyone is smiling.



Kona is our first Bird Dog. Assisting Chris on many of his hikes and nature shoots, he is always blazing the trail,  keeping an eye out for moose and mountain lions while looking for the tallest rock for the best vantage point.



Lucy is our second Bird Dog. She is always assisting Kona, making sure he is running his fastest and that no food scraps are left behind.